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HotRace Amazzonia 1/8 Buggy tires are a small pin tire that offers exceptional wear characteristics, even when using soft compounds. This tire is best used on high wear, low grip surfaces (see application chart in resources tab). Choose from Clay, Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard compound options.


  • One pair (2 tires)
  • High Performance Small Pin Tread
  • Exceptional Wear Characteristics
  • Great for High Wear, Low Grip Surfaces (see tire chart in resources tab)
  • Available in Clay, Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard compound options


Compound Applications: 
Super Soft: 50-66°F (10-19°C)
Soft: 68-84°F (20-29°C)
Medium: 86-95°F (30-35°C)
Hard: 69°F and Up (36°C+)