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Tested and approved by Factory Team Associated driver Mike Stoll.

This part comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.  If it breaks, send it back and Nimble RC will replace it for 50% of the original purchase price.

Stronger than aluminum at half of the weight.

Nimble RC Team Associated RC10B7 Carbon Fiber Arm Mount "C Block" minus 1 degree. This C-block will move the rear toe degree range from the stock 1-3 range to a range of 0-2 degrees.  This is the ideal C-Block for high grip carpet racing.  This optional part will free up the rear end of the RC10B7.

This replacement C-Block is intended for the Team Associated RC10B7 1/10 buggy. Package includes one C-Block carbon fiber arm mount.

Weight: <1g

Replaces Team Associated Part ASC92432